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Accuracy of information 

Our company strives to provide accurate and updated information. However, due to the continuous risk of third-party intervention on the Internet, but also because data transfer on the Internet is not completely reliable, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of all data contained on this website (at any time). Should the user identify errors or omissions in the data provided on this website, he/she is kindly invited to provide us such information at the following email address: info@frezyderm.gr
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a) Protection

The author of this website, is legally protected under copyright law, as provided by the Greek, European and International Law.
Specifically and under Law 2121/1993 on "Copyright, related rights and cultural issues" with the creation of this website (as created work) and without any requirement for formalities (article 6 paragraph 2 of Law 2121/1993) the author of this website is protected by the provisions on intellectual property on these "comprising also, as the exclusive and absolute right to exploit the work (property right), the right to protect their personal connection with the work (moral right)" (article 1, paragraph 1 Law 2121/1993).

b) Prohibitions

Based on the property and moral rights of the author, as described in articles 3 and 4 of Law 2121/1993, the following are expressly prohibited without the prior written consent of the author (article 14 Law 2121/1993) of the work: any reproduction of individual web pages or their contents, such as text, part of the database, graphics or photographs, which exceed the limits of private use (article 18 of Law 2121/1993).
Therefore, the storage on a hard drive or other technical storage media, transmission by electronic mail (e-mail), loading with a server, the creation of deep and in-line links, printing and distribution in written format (electronic or paper), translation or distribution of the contents thereof, the conversion of all or any part thereof, and public presentation are prohibited. All the above constitute the exclusive rights of the author of the website (our company) and any omission or non timely exercise of the author's rights shall not constitute a waiver therefrom in any case. 
In the event that sections of the websites are cited in the context of scientific discussions, that is, with the exclusive purpose of scientific advancement, it is noted that, "The citation of the excerpt must be accompanied by an indication of the source and the author's name .... provided that the said names appear in the source" (article 19 Law 2121/1993).

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