According to the current definitions used in the field of Information Technology and European Union, (, cookies are small text files that a website saves on the computer or the mobile device, and generally on any device used to browse the Internet and visit this site without harming the computer, programs or files. That is, a cookie is an identifier that is stored on the user's device (not remotely) by the browser itself, unless of course the browser is configured to do so or has not been blocked from storing them.

Note that most browsers can be configured to automatically reject cookies or to inform the user when a cookie is stored. With cookies, the site remembers the user's actions and preferences (such as login, language, font size and other display preferences) for a period of time, so they do not have to reenter these preferences every single time they visit the site or browse its pages. In addition, some cookies help analyze the use of the website, and if the user has trouble browsing, they may still allow online advertisements and offers to match their interests and needs. Furthermore, some cookies are technically necessary for making a connection to specific websites or for providing an internet service.

There are certain cookies that are session cookies, that is, they are kept on the device until the user leaves our web site or closes the browser when they are automatically deleted, others are permanent (persistent cookies) and remain on the device for a longer period of time, even for two years) or until the user deletes them. In general, the lifetime of each cookie depends on its purpose and the settings of the browser.

More information about cookies and their operation is freely accessible on  On our site we use the following types of cookies (with a life span of a few seconds to two years), our own or trusted associates, of whom we always require them to apply the GDPR and national legislation

1) Required & Functional Cookies: These absolutely necessary cookies are essential for security reasons and proper functioning of a site, since they allow you to browse and use its features, authenticate in case the user has logged in to the site, accessed secure sites, registration forms, and favorite lists, using a shopping cart. They do not allow us to monitor the user's activity on other sites.

They also allow us to analyze how the website is used, what interactions and user options are used (such as name, language, or connection area) and can also be used to remember various settings such as font size and style, brightness and other configurations that the user has chosen, so that we can offer improved and personalized experience on our site and avoid repeating actions and messages (splash screen, homepage popups). Such cookies are these: (a) necessary for the identification and / or maintaining content that the user enters during a connection (session) on the site during (eg. for completing an electronic form by the user or upon registration of the user), (b) necessary for the authentication of the subscriber or user to relevant services (eg when making an online transaction), (c) that are installed for safety purposes, (d ) with multimedia content for viewing a video, (e) necessary to perform the technique of load distribution on a link on a web page, (f) to "remember" options on the appearance of the website, (g) installed through additional plugins on social networking sites and are about sharing content between certified and associated members.

Since these cookies are critical to certain features of our website, there is no opt-out option available for them, but the only option for the user is to configure the browser to prevent them from being stored and to automatically block them. However, in this case, some parts of the site will not work properly or efficiently, with the visitor having reduced possibilities of using and enjoying the services offered.

2) Statistical Cookies: In some cases, we use third-party service providers to track and analyze statistical information about the use and context of the content that our site users use, resulting in the necessary cookies being set by service providers to track the traffic of visits and the performance of our advertising. In particular, they collect information such as how visitors use the site, the pages they visit most often, whether they receive bugs from web pages, etc., and they are either aggregated, anonymous information that does not identify the visitor, or it concerns the individual visitor (IP address).

They are used solely to improve the performance of a website and allow us to collect information about the use you make on our websites, including the content you choose when browsing our websites, in order to measure the effectiveness and interaction of consumers with website as well as improving our pages over time. These cookies can be provided to us by third-party analytics tool providers but are only used for purposes related to our web sites. It is noted that this information (cookies) provided to third party providers does not include other personal information of the user, but we cannot exclude that the information collected may be related to similar or other personal information gathered elsewhere. Thus, in the context of commercial co-operation with advertising networks, cookies are collected that can monitor the user's internet activities and navigation, with information aiming at advertising products and services based on the personal preferences of the user. Finally, our site uses Google Analytics, a web analytics service from Google, Inc. ("Google"), which, through cookies, collects data about its use (eg IP address) stored and edited on Google servers outside of Greece. Google uses this information to evaluate the use of websites, compile reports on user activities, and provision of other services related to their activities and the use of the Internet. Google uses this information to evaluate the use of websites, compile reports on user activities, and provide other services related to their activities and the use of the Internet. It is noted that Google may also transfer this information to third parties where it is required by law, or when third parties process the information on behalf of Google. As Google officially assures, it will not associate the IP address with any other data it retains (more information can be found on its pages about Google's Terms of Service and Google Privacy Policy). As Google officially assures, it will not associate the IP address with any other data it retains (more information can be found on its pages about Google's Terms of Service and Google Privacy Policy). In any case, you can avoid collecting data for your web browsing from Google Analytics (cookies and IP addresses) by installing the Google AnalyticsOpt - OutBrowser-Add-On browser plug-in, or opting out of the data collection, according to the capabilities and options that Google offers each time. 

3) Advertising & Targeting Cookies: These cookies are used to provide personalized content and can be used to send targeted advertising or promotions, limit ad impressions, or measure an advertising campaign's effectiveness. They can also be used to help us remember the websites that the user has visited to determine which online marketing channels are most effective. Such cookies can also be collected from social media (facebook, twitter, etc.) for interest-based advertising, allowing you to view personalized ads aligned with user preferences.


General Use of Personal Data in relation to Cookies:

By using the above cookies, we may collect, process and use limited personal data of the user in pseudonymous form solely for advertising purposes and market research purposes as well as to adapt our website to the user’s interests to display or send information about us and to inform him/her about the products and services that may be of interest to each user.

Based on this technology, we can also receive reports from our service providers that include references to personal or aggregated data (which may include general demographics or usage characteristics). You should know that you can already delete all the cookies on your computer, as well as configure most browsers in a way that does not allow the installation of cookies, but in this case, you may need to customize certain preferences every time you visit a site, and some services may also not work. Your basic rights are: access to data, the correction or deletion of your data, the portability of your data, the limitation of processing, the objection to processing, and the removal of your consent for the use of some or all of your cookies and, by extension, for processing your data.

In order to exercise your above mentioned rights, you may submit your request at the headquarters of FREZYDERM AEBE, 73-75 Menandrou str., +30 210-52.46.900 and e-mail as well as submit, if you believe that processing of your personal data is in violation of the applicable law for the protection of personal data, a complaint to the Data Protection Authority (1-3 Kifissias post office, 115-23, Athens, tel. 210-64.75 .600, e-mail address In any case, please do not hesitate to contact us to give you any clarification, answer and technical information we have and concern you.